Sunday, 26 Sep 2021
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Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear BlackHead Review | GIVEAWAY!

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Reason for a sudden giveaway, if you watched my “big korean beauty haul” video, I mentioned I bought some to give away! Also, because my Berrisom lip tattoo got so much comments about including a special “try it with me” portion, I thought I do so!

Just comment below if you want to give it a go and be a subscriber!

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  1. I’ve just used my pack of Holika Holika nose strips. It’s easy to use and seems kinder to the skin than the Biore ones. Although the final step is very slippery, I was brushing my teeth (getting ready for bed) and it slipped off into my sink. Oh dear, do I suggest maybe not doing this and sit still for 10 minutes or so. Other than that I love this product 🧡

  2. i watched this when i was actually pretty little, i really had thought that jb was her husband, lol. but now that i’m a bit older, i’ve learned that i love kpop an got7.

  3. omg i used to watch your channel when i was like 9 and i’ve been looking for you for so long because i forgot your username. still my fav✨💞

  4. I’m trying this product out rn and I’m liek ahhh I’m only at step one and I’m slightly embarrassed the strip is too big for my nose. So my nose looks like it’s wearing a oversized jacket

  5. When I saw your video I knew I had to try this!
    I actually found it at my Asian beauty store.
    I tried it and surprisingly it worked REALLY well for me!
    Thanks Fei!


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